Our history


The Korean Hapkido Federation was established under the direction of Grand Master H.W. Kim. 

Grand Master H.W. Kim served as the bodyguard to dignitaries in the African nation of Gabon and trained the Korean Special Forces.  Grand Master Kim is the President and Founder of the Korean Hapkido Federation.

Grand Master H.W. Kim has been teaching  for 35 years and currently owns a school in Gaithersburg and Frederick, Maryland.

Our Hapkido


The KHF teaches a complete self-defense system, incorporating joint locks, throws, redirection of force, kicking and striking.  Hapkido techniques can be used by anyone regardless of size, sex, or strength.

Our curriculum also includes the use of and defense against many weapons, including knife, cane, and bo staff.

The KHF also strives to promote training for a balanced martial artist consisting of three things: Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

About US

The Korean Hapkido Federation (KHF) is a Hapkido federation founded by Grandmaster H.W. Kim. Grandmaster Kim who holds an 8th Dan certificate.  

The KHF upholds the highest training standards and prides themselves in the certification process of their instructors

We welcome students, instructors, and Masters from all walks of the martial arts world.  The Federation is eager to share the knowledge passed on from Grand Master Kim.